Reading for Monday, September 13

Hey everyone,

I’ve made a PDF of the reading for our next class, The Architecture of Continents. It’s the first chapter from a book called The Myth of Continents, by Martin W. Lewis and Kären E. Wigen.

Please let us know if you’re having an overly hard time reading the chapter. (I had a hard time scanning it…) From what I can tell, just about everything can be made out (although there are, unfortunately, some close calls), but if I missed some totally obliterated margin, let us know.

Update: Tried new scanning method for this additional reading, hopefully things are more legible now.

Mapping in the Mind: The Earth from Ancient Alexandria, is Christian Jacob’s analysis of early mapping practices and the deliberate philosophical choices that established cartography as a discipline. It is a chapter from the book Mappings, edited by Denis Cosgrove.

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