Reading for Monday, Sept 20

Hi everyone,

Here are a number of readings for our class. There is, first, an improved copy of The Architecture of Continents, a chapter from Lewis and Wigen’s The Myth of Continents. Next are chapters seven through nine of How to Lie with Maps (here’s a link to the book on Amazon: How to Lie with Maps). We’ve given you these three chapters, but you only need to read 7 and 9 for class – 8 provides some more interesting context if you have time. The PDF is a little tricky to read on the computer – you’ll need to rotate the pages in your PDF viewer. It might be easier to just print it double-sided.

Last, here’s a short excerpt from Terry Eagleton’s Literary Theory: An Introduction. This is the excerpt I began reading from in class. For those of you who are interested in considering Harley’s article further, this excerpt might be helpful.

See you all next week.

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