Reading for September 27

Hey everyone,

Sorry these are coming up late. If you can only read one thing before class, read Border Theory, a very short section from Delaney’s book Territory. It’s only 4 pages, but provides some pithy theory for thinking about the movie tomorrow.

Keep Out! is something of a theory/case study hybrid. It is a chapter from Mark Monmonier’s more recent book, No Dig No Fly No Go. It is a really fascinating survey of the construction of national identities through and across various borders, such as the Korean DMZ and the West Bank.

Here are some ‘case studies’ on various borders that might be of interest for our discussion tomorrow. If you have time, look through and see which articles appeal to you. There are four, which discuss, respectively: 1. The Great Wall of China; 2. The Afghanistan-Pakistan border; 3. The Berlin Wall; and 4. the North Korea-China border.

See you tomorrow!

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