Reading for Monday Oct 4

To make things more streamlined, from now on we’ll post the readings only on the “Syllabus and All Readings” page. The link is on the header bar. For this coming week, we’ll finish Touch of Evil, and then discuss it in the context of our readings about borders and territory. To prepare for class, please finish the readings we assigned for last week. In addition, we’ve posted some great selections from John Pickles’ book a History of Spaces, under the Territory and Borders weeks. There is also an excellent chapter from Raymond Craib’s Cartographic Mexico, that might help with your thinking about the border. Readings to focus on are this, the Pickles (state, territory, and nation), and Monmonier. Later today I will post up some key pages for these. Pick one of the readings about the other border spaces – we’ll break into small groups to discuss these.

We’ve fallen a little bit behind schedule, so we will likely need to push Mapping Metaphors the week after next. In any case, the readings for that week are posted as well.

UPDATE: The introduction to Edward Said’s Orientalism is now available on the ‘Syllabus and All Readings’ page. Please prepare sections 1 and 2 (pp.1991-7) for tomorrow’s class. You may also find the editor’s introduction helpful, especially the paragraph beginning ‘In our selection’ on page 1988.

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