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Mapping facebook

During the discussion after Prof. Monmonier’s talk, the conversation turned to facebook. The talk itself had outlined interesting links between 20th century restrictive cartography – redlining, gerrymandering, borders shifting to suit river avulsion – and 21st century ‘surveillance’ cartography. What … Continue reading

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Mapping Race

We talked some about this tonight, with regard to “All Identity is Local” on Saturday and our readings so far. Nicola sent us this interesting map series by Eric Fischer. Rather than aggregating racial and ethnic groups by cities or … Continue reading

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The Ever-Changing Mississippi

Hey everyone, I came across this map of the Ever-Changing Mississippi, which I thought relates well to our discussion yesterday. It was posted on the blog maintained by Volume, a quarterly magazine on architecture and design. Here‘s a link to a remarkable graphic … Continue reading

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Trevor Paglen

Here’s the photo we tried to show today. What looks like a shooting star is a satellite. To find out more about Trevor Paglen’s work, check out his website. He was also interviewed on the Colbert Report. Hopefully we’ll spend … Continue reading

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Fun Cartogram Webpage

Given our consideration of ‘meta-geographies’ with Lewis and Wigen, this webpage, called Worldmapper, provides yet another interesting way to map some generalizable properties of nation-states; with cartograms. These maps are really striking. For example, this map scales countries relative to … Continue reading

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Manifesto of the International Necronautical Society (‘INS’)

Above is an image of the first INS manifesto, which was published in 1999 in The (London) Times. The INS is a ‘semi-fictional’ organization. Here is a link to their website. The novelist Tom McCarthy  (General Secretary, INS) interviews the philosopher … Continue reading

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