Final Project

As we discussed in class, the final project is your chance to respond to and further explore the thoughts the class material has raised for you. In the syllabus, we wrote:

“Make something that is of cartography, and explain why.”

The intention behind this ambiguous and potentially frustrating prompt is not to paralyze you but to allow for as much possibility in the ways you choose to respond to the material we have covered in class.

Some ideas that got thrown out – a pinata map, an edible map, a map as a dance, an essay, a song or poem, a musical mashup…
or you could pick a reading of your own and facilitate a discussion about it.

et cetera et cetera. We hope that you take this project seriously, and ground it in what we’ve discussed in class. Hopefully this is also fun.


On November 22, come to class with:

1. A one-page(ish) writeup of your project goals and motivations. What ideas about mapping are you exploring? What initially raised these questions for you? How is your project answering them? OR How is your project asking more questions?

2. Some concrete progress on your project – it can be some images you’ve gathered, some audio you’ve recorded, a sketch-up or schematic. The main thing is to have something concrete for your classmates to ‘workshop’ and give comments and suggestions about.

On November 29, we will not have class. Work on your projects (and your other classes:). Our meeting time is certainly open for you to come consult with us. Just let us know if you’d like to get together.

On December 6, you will present your final projects. Let’s plan a potluck for the last day? This will take 2+ hours. Any preference for starting early or ending late?


2 Responses to Final Project

  1. Jessica Pizzagoni says:

    Hey Guys,
    So I have two ideas- one is to actually make the pinata that we talked about the other day in class, and the other ideas was to use a representation through the use of clay and pottery. I keep hearing about the idea of space being represented as an empty container- so I thought I would make that empty container as space- or a nodal point. Its just an idea I am toying with- I went and bought the clay today. Can we meet sometime next week? I am free tuesday around 3:30. Hope to see you soon,

  2. serena nitta says:


    I have 2 ideas. One is some Dr. Phil type thing where i would have an audio track and it would make you think of memories geographically and connect them to each other. I would use music to fill in the time that you spend thinking about the geographic space of your memories to hopefully soothe your mind and make you think of the space in a different maybe rhythmic way. Its pretty ambiguous, like the project, but I think it will make people think in cool ways.

    My second idea was: so I have been having these dreams since i was a kid where i connect this world in my mind that is similar to the real world i live in., but the geography is so much more awesome. It’s like what the improvements to my space that i dwell in would ideally look like. It a cool big place. So for my map, I would try and recreate that using art….. What do ya’ll think?

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