Presentation Schedule and Instructions


Pick a map that you find interesting. Any map. You can pick something that immediately seems like a map — or something that doesn’t, and argue that it is a map (but your argument had better be good!). Research and write a few paragraphs about this map, picking up on 1) the context 2) what interests you, and 3) how it relates to what we’ve read for that week. Be prepared to answer some questions your classmates might raise, but don’t feel like you have to be an expert. Be creative, and have fun!

Send us a digital image of your map by the Sunday before your presentation so we can project it in class (high resolution please!).


Borders and Neatlines (9/27): Rachel, Paige
Vernacular Maps (10/4): Jess, Wendy,  Nicola
Mapping Metaphors (10/11): Adam, Dan
Maps and Fiction (10/18): Darin, Serena, Justin
Living Maps (11/1): Christy, Jasmine
Counter-Maps (11/8): Claire, Chris


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