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Mapping facebook

During the discussion after Prof. Monmonier’s talk, the conversation turned to facebook. The talk itself had outlined interesting links between 20th century restrictive cartography – redlining, gerrymandering, borders shifting to suit river avulsion – and 21st century ‘surveillance’ cartography. What … Continue reading

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The map that made the grid

This interactive map overlay illustrates the ways that street gridding schemes were instrumental in shaping modern cities, often irrespective of natural impediments to development. Related article: “200th Birthday for the Map that Made New York”, by Sam Roberts.

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Mark Monmonier Lecture, Wednesday April 6

Geography professor and cartographic historian Mark Monmonier will be coming to speak at the Geography Department colloquium next Wednesday. Last semester we assigned chapters from his most recent book, No Dig, No Fly, No Go: How Maps Restrict and Control. … Continue reading

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